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  1. Yeah maybe I should re-install it indeed. No weird things inside infill, only cubic subdivision which is different, but changing this doesn't do the trick. Thanks anyway for your reply!
  2. Hello, Below you can see my problem. When printing stuff, the infill is done before any walls are printed. This is really weird, when the option 'infill before walls' is clearly turned off (see first picture). I In the second picture (below), no strange things appear. The walls are printed first. However after these walls, the infill as above is printed, and after that the walls and the total infill like in the third picture is printed. This problem only arise on layers like this one. There are no problems in earlier layers, but the
  3. No I have never calibrated the extruder e-steps. I think that that is a good first step to do. However if the printer is indeed over-extruding, then I need to lower the flow I guess, and the clicking will appear again. I printed a cylinder and the clicking appeared on some layers while on others it did not. I also checked the bed and a piece of paper slightly scratched the nozzle.
  4. I'm also struggling with my Ender 3 pro and Flow rate. However when adapting the value of Flow in the Material section, less material is pushed trough the nozzle, so I do not have this issue on Cura 4.6.1. However I never heard a clicking noise before, and after adjusting this value it appeared on slower printed areas. Does someone know how to fix this?
  5. Okay too bad, than I guess there is also no option to view the disallowed areas in Cura?
  6. Hello, does someone perhaps know if it is possible to add the z coordinate as well? The clips are not infinite high, and it would be nice if the printer can print above the clips. Another question, is it possible to see this area in Cura? Because now it is only possible to see if the block will fit in the box and if it is yellow or not (no feedback why it is not yellow, but this is because of the clips). Thanks in advance!
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