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  1. Well I guess I'll answer my own question. After continued playing around and no better results, I tried subtracting .01 mm from the thickness of the base. There is still the same amount of layers but the infill doesn't cross the hole anymore with the same settings. It must have something to do with a fraction of a layer height making cura do something wrong during slicing. Here are the two models with the second one with .01mm removed. Same number of total layers.
  2. Hi, I made this model with holes in the base and when cura slices it the small holes are fine but in the larger one the infill extends thru the last layer before the top layers. I have searched but have not found anything on this yet. These are the layers up until the last layer and everything is ok. This is the next layer and the infill goes right thru the walls. After that the top layers start. It has done this a couple other times and I cannot figure out what is causing it. Can anyone help me?
  3. In the meantime I did have to make another json file to replace the missing one and it does work now. There is a file with the same name, no ext in the old 4.6 folder in the user/cura folder but it is not ascii. Cannot read it with notepad correctly.
  4. I hesitantly upgraded to 4.7 and now have problems. When it starts it says the configuration is corrupt. There is a problem with my printer file I made in cura 4.6. It's not in the resources folder. Does this mean everything I had set up is now gone? When installing I checked to keep my configurations. Do I now have to start all over and make a new one. I finally had it set and working. Frustrated!
  5. Cool. Thank you thats just what I needed. I didn't know that option was available to modify areas like that. Very useful. Thanks
  6. Hi all. I may have missed it but I haven't yet found the answer. If you have cura set for walls to be two rows thick and the actual wall is 6mm thick with a hole vertical in the wall. This puts two rows around the hole. Is there a way to put more rows around the holes to make them stiffer? I haven't found a way yet. Thanks
  7. OK, I did find the firmware retraction in the printer settings plugin and when it is enabled and the retraction in the travel settings it enabled it seems to be issuing the G10 and G11 commands now. I will try some prints tomorrow and see how it works. I guess typing it out helps to solve the problem also. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I put in a custom printer in cura and was looking for a json file for it. I have read that you have to modify the json file to output G10 and G11 retract codes for firmware retraction. I don't see any json files for my installed printer just some cfg files in the user\roming\cura folder. Where would I find the file to modify for a custom printer. Thanks I also saw a post about using the printer settings plugin. I installed it and it says it is installed but I don't see any difference in the program. I suspect it should add another menu item in the settings dropdown b
  9. Ok that's fine as long as it is normal. Thank you
  10. OK, thanks Wen I open a 3mf file it puts it at the lower left corner and the display reads X-225,Y260 even though the printer is X0,Y0. I understand that's the way it works and not a problem. Thanks again
  11. I am new to using Cura but I can't be the only one having this happen can I? The coordinate symbol is in the lower left but it shows X0,Y0 to be in the center when moving a part on the screen. If that's normal , ok. If it's not I'm doing something wrong. Thanks for any help.
  12. I've been searching but no find yet. I have the machine settings for 0,0 location at center unchecked and the xyz origin on the screen shows in the left lower corner like it should. The question is why does the part position when moving the part show 0,0 at the center of the bed still. When I place the part in the front of the bed it shows a negative Y location and in the center it shows X0. It still prints in the correct place on the printer but it is confusing to have to calculate the correct position from the numbers. Is there any way to correct this or is it just one of those th
  13. Ok figured it out. There's something in the gcode that happens every so many layers at the end of the layer that moves only a small move but very fast and it shakes the whole machine on the table. With the glass not totally anchored, still printing the bed supports, it was sliding the glass. The glass is 25" x 30". Will have to figure out what move is doing it. It's strange it does it for a few layers then stops for a number and then does it again. You can see from the picture how it happens in groups. Have to find it and slow it down.
  14. Yes exactly what I'm checking now. I'm still in the building stage and printing the adjustable bed supports. Only have 4 made and on the X sides, none yet on the Y ends, so I just secured the glass and trying again. It wasn't moving with the other slicer but I think the acceleration settings were way up on this one. I'll see how this comes out this time.
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