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  1. Thanks very much for those insights, Greg! I've been printing from the card all day, same file multiple times, with only one update to the file between things; and it's been great knowing the computer's well being isn't a factor.
  2. Thanks very much Greg, some of those I've done, but a couple I haven't so I appreciate the checklist. The machine uses Marlin, I'll check Cura. Question, when you write the gcode to the card from Cura, and use that, is it not giving the same instructions as over the USB? I experiment with the card though, and see if there's a difference. Thanks, Cliff
  3. Hi, newbie here, and I'm just starting to use a new Anycubic Mega X printer, which installed Cura as its control software. When asked, I updated to the latest Cura version (4.6.2). I can open STL files and set basic things, and send to the printer. What I'm having trouble with is setting flow rate (and I think speed, probably other things). For example, I adjust flow rate in general, and see that it's propagated to the various things using flow rate, and then Print. But the line of material remains super thin; and I can feel it tugging along into the feeder motor at the same rate,
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