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  1. Short answer: I don't know. I've only had my CR10s ProV2 for less than a few weeks and it's my first 3D Printer. If I work this out (as there is some additional weirdness I'm getting with leveling and Octoprint/Pi) I'll post back here. Lots for me to learn...
  2. Thanks all - this fix worked for me: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/8235#issuecomment-682036305 Easy enough to do and it works for me on Win and worked for a mate on Apple (there is no python35.zip on Mac, but the FastConfigParser.py(c) is in the install directory somewhere.)
  3. Problems here as well, on a 4.7 clean install, worked ok for a few prints, then started crashing importing any stl I have, after changing a few small profile material settings and the theme. Using NVidia drivers here, on x86 Win. 4.6.2 is fine and never had such an issue.
  4. You're welcome. Of note, I just did a fresh (well, the installer told me it was fresh removing config) install, where the new 4.7.0 Cura seems to have the M420 removed/replaced by default for the CR10S Pro. Thanks Ultimaker devs. I do appreciate you listening and supporting other hardware.
  5. Did you scroll down? Move your mouse to the right side (of the "Start G-Code" box), left mouse click, and a scroll bar appears. I know, it's a bit deceptive, but it's there. You can also expand the "Machine Settings" window and there it all is.
  6. Preferences/Configure Cura/Printers/Machine Settings/Start G-Code
  7. Signed up specifically to say thanks for this thread. That triangle on my new CR10S Pro V2 was driving me mad! Much appreciated, to all those who worked this out.
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