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  1. Dear people, My 3D printer takes a micro SD. My PC takes a USB2.0. So every time I have to put this microSD cart in a little usb stick that I can put in my PC. So what I would like to add to the printer is a USB 2.0 slot. What I need for this is a cable that goes from microSD to USB2. I can not find this online, can someone make a recommendation? The housing for these cables I can just print of course and attach to the printer. It would be nice if it is possible if I can turn the one microSD slot into multiple slots (microSD, USB2, USB3, SD).
  2. They removed the material, so I don't have any information. Apparently I have to bring my own material from now on. Thank you for the information! "PLA only" printer (AFAIK) - diameter (2.85mm) Beside from the material, is there something in the "Dual Extrusion" settings that I have to ensure?
  3. Thank you for your replies. It does the same with 100% or less infill. With less than the grid is also these wisps, see photo. It sais "Ultimaker 2 Go", not "pro", sorry. The material is plastic? I'm not known with the component of the printers, I just know a little bit how to use them. It is not my printer, I just use it. I don't know what nozzle, sorry. I have done the same thing with a other printer in the past, ant that worked fine, now I use this one and it doesn't work. I first make the model in SketchUp, than open that in CURA and make it a gcode. See att
  4. Hello, I try to print a solid thing but it just prints in these wisps. The walls, the invul, everything. How can I make it just solid?
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