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  1. Hello, It's Ziro Brilliant Red PLA I'm totally confused about the combing, I thought the print head would move within the model shape and therefore these strings would not be created between the teeth of the model. I'll try again with the default pla settings but this time with the combing turned off - or is that a bad idea? Thanks for your replies and help so far! Incidentally I went as low as 185...
  2. So just an update, I tried the settings mentioned above, it was a tiny bit better but not by much. Combing not In skin and distance with no retract down to 10. Im not even sure why there would be this stringing given that combing is on. I'm a very confused person right now =/
  3. Thanks for that! 😃 I do have it set not in skin, but the value was 30. I'll try it with 10 😃
  4. Hello! I wanted to print this gear heart in Ziro Red PLA and I'm getting these whispy strings. I've played with temperature, going as low as 185 and as high as 215. I've played with various retraction settings (as per internet advice) and also have combing turned on. I perhaps wrongly thought that having combing on would reduce these strings to zero. I'm completely at a loss and wondered if there might be something in cura that I am missing? I've attached pictures of the model, the side showing the hole was the first layer on the build plate. Thank you! K8tie x
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