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  1. If I print out a 3D printing model which is larger or smaller than 3d digital model, I will adjust the horizontal expansion variable in shell section on Cura Software as current solution. However, I found out that My 3D printing model in X-axis dimension is 0.3 mm larger and the 3D printing model in Y-axis dimension is 0.8 mm larger. QUESTION: How to fix this problem??
  2. I used PLA+ from Esun. For profile, I use customize setting.
  3. Hello guys, i have a problem with 3d model. As you can see this picture, the green is output of width while the orange is drafting in cad software. My question is " How can i get output scale closer to drafting scale?? I am looking forward to hearing from you.
  4. Hi guys, I have a problem with support setting. Cura generate the support around my model which this support is unnecessary i think. in other hand at the bottom of model is definitely needed the support. My Question is "How could i get rid of the support around my model while keeping the support at the bottom?? I am looking forward to hearing from you 😉
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