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  1. Thanks Smithy, I did try that but electronics don't really need sleep, a power off might let some power holding on the circuit board or the power supply to dissipate but that's a matter of minutes at most. What I ended up doing was a turning off wifi then doing a factory reset. Only then would it find the firmware update on the USB drive and it installed fine. I re-setup the printer and have a print running now. phew. thanks for you help.
  2. The machine did restart on its own and after being on the logo screen for quite a few minutes went to this screen where it has been for about 15 minutes.
  3. Thanks, I actually followed those steps before and have tried again, but it seems stubborn, it really wants to download the version on the Internet. If you see the attached screen you can see it says "downloading" also the light on my USB stick in the phone does not blink with any activity.
  4. haha. So I have the right firmware on the USB drive but my S5 continues to want to use the internet version. How do I tell it to load the version from the USB stick. I looked through all of the settings menus but did not find an obvious option. thanks
  5. Actually that was a false assumption. I checked my printer and found it to be the R1, I am a bit surprised as I just bought it as new two months ago. Is there a guide that outlines the differences in the hardware or what was addressed in R2?
  6. Thank you. I am on 5.8.1 going to 5.8.2 I will try the USB method. I just purchased the printer so its an R2.
  7. I am a single printer on the network. I am running 5.8.1. I haven't seen any improvement to the wifi issues over the last few updates. Essentially it connects on restart and stays connected ok, but when you send a job from Cura during the printing it drops the connection. The wifi toggle on the control panel becomes inoperable, just no longer will toggle on and off. Only way to reconnect is to restart the printer. Thanks!
  8. I have tried three times and still cannot get the update to run correctly. I restarted all of my network devices to verify there wasn't a problem with the network. I am noticing lots of issues with wifi with the printer, also Cura connects to the printer briefly and then says its disconnected, though the printer thinks it actually connected fine. Is it possible to put the firmware update on a USB stick as a way to update the printer.
  9. Thanks. It restarted fine. I can confirm it was 5.8.2 that failed. I need to print now but will try to update again tomorrow.
  10. Should I restart? It says explicitly do not restart. But clearly this is not going to fix itself.
  11. I have posted this issue and also submitted a support ticket without any resolution.
  12. I am having the same problem. During printing my S5 disconnects from wifi. If I go to the network panel on the printer, the wifi toggle is in the off state and disabled from moving back to on. It requires I restart the printer but always reconnects instantly. This appears to be a software issue on the printer. thank you for your support.
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