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  1. 14 hours ago, GregValiant said:

    I can't help with creating a profile.  I did notice you asked where the Printer Settings plugin went.  They are like Quality, Shell, Travel, Speed, etc. and Printer Settings is the last group at the bottom of the settings.  If you have set up your machine as a Dual Extruder then the Dual Extrusion group of settings should be available as well.

    Thanks very much. Appreciate your help. I have downloaded & installed it but cannot find it.

  2. 44 minutes ago, gr5 said:

    copy of old post with more info about machine settings:

    modifying settings for your particular printer
    Some of them you can edit here:
    Machine settings are usually here:  go to left side of screen in PREPARE mode.  Click on your printer, then do "manage printers" then "machine settings", then "extruder 1". 


    Alternatively, you can edit them with the printer settings plugin:
    Click "marketplace" in upper right of cura, make sure you are on "plugins", scroll down and alphabetically among the "P"s is "printer settings" plugin.

    Finally you can edit the json file with your printer settings here.  The files are in a "definitions" folder *somewhere* on your computer (no idea how to find this folder on a PC - maybe in c:/program files/ultimaker/??  Here are 10 of the files out of about 106 different printer configuration files.  Find your printer.

    geo@geo-Wild-Dog-Pro:~/cura/share/cura/resources/definitions$ grep -R -i material_diameter *
    101Hero.def.json:        "material_diameter": { "default_value": 1.75 },
    3dator.def.json:        "material_diameter": { "default_value": 1.75 },
    abax_pri3.def.json:        "material_diameter": {
    abax_pri5.def.json:        "material_diameter": {
    abax_titan.def.json:        "material_diameter": {
    anycubic_i3_mega.def.json:        "material_diameter":
    bfb.def.json:        "material_diameter": { "default_value": 1.7 },
    bq_hephestos_2.def.json:        "material_diameter": { "default_value": 1.75 },
    bq_hephestos.def.json:        "material_diameter": {
    bq_hephestos_xl.def.json:        "material_diameter": {
    bq_witbox_2.def.json:        "material_diameter": {
    bq_witbox.def.json:        "material_diameter": {
    builder_premium_large.def.json:        "material_diameter": { "default_value": 1.75 },
    builder_premium_medium.def.json:        "material_diameter": { "default_value": 1.75 },
    builder_premium_small.def.json:        "material_diameter": { "default_value": 1.75 },


    I am looking for a Ender 5 Profile with Dual Extrusion. I downloaded & installed the "Printer Settings Plugin" but could not find anything about it on my machine. It says installed when I click on the Marketplace button under Installed.


    Please advise what I am missing. Thanks.


  3. On 1/5/2020 at 3:51 PM, Dim3nsioneer said:

    You have to edit the machine definition. Or rather create a new one; Cura usually doesn't like messing around with existing machine profiles.

    Thanks. I had to choose another printer which by default has 2 extruders. But, now it doesn't want to import my "old" profiles. I get the error s per attachment.


  4. 3 hours ago, GregValiant said:

    Under "Dual Extrusion" click on the "invisible" gear icon.  It's just to the left of the down arrow on the Dual Extrusion bar.  Ticking a setting will make it visible in the main settings window.


    in the Machine Settings for your printer, you need to tell Cura how many extruders there are.  The other setting (Extruders share heater) doesn't tell Cura how many extruders, just that all extruders use Heater 0.

    Thanks again for the reply.

    Yes, did click the gear and checked all for the different settings.

    In my printer's (Ender 5 Pro) machine settings, it does not allow me to change the "Number of Extruders" from 1 to 2. It is a dropdown list and does not contain 2.

    I think I am stuck and need to choose another printer with 2 extruders ,,, hope not.

  5. 1 hour ago, GregValiant said:

    Everything runs in streaks and this topic has come up a lot lately.

    If you haven't done so already - go to the Marketplace and install the "Printer Settings" plugin.  Restart Cura.  Make the Printer Settings visible and then check the "Extruders Share Heater" box.

    Is this the only place I tell Cura that I have 2 extruders? From what I have understood, it is possible to adjust the settings of the Prime Tower but I cannot find it. I only managed to find "Prime Tower Flow" but nothing more. (4.8.0 beta)

    I don't find these settings:



  6. Hello all and thank you so long for your help & advice.

    Cura 4.8 Beta

    I get my upgraded printer later today. Upgrades involves moving to a 2-in-1-out configuration. I have absolutely NO experience in printing with dual extruders.

    Can you please advise on what settings I need to change. I had a look at the printer settings and when I hover over "Number of Extruders", the pop-up says: "... An extruder train is the combination of a feeder, bowden tube, and nozzle". What makes me doubt if I should change the number of extruders from 1 to 2, is the fact that I only have 1 nozzle but 2 extruders. My logic says I need to change it to 2, but I just want to confirm.

    What other settings do I need to change or add?

    Any tips will also be very welcome.😉

    Thanks very much.

  7. I need to print only part of something. I need to test a specific area for ghosting. It seems that it was possible with earlier version. I know that PrusaSlicer does an excellent job with the click of a button but I have Cura sort of dialed in for what I need to print and don't want to move to Prusa. I like Cura a lot.

    I installed the Mesh extension but when I want to split, it tells me that I cannot split it.
    I need to print only the upper part of the object.
    How do you split a part in Cura?
  8. On 8/31/2020 at 7:30 PM, GregValiant said:

    On the left of the Cura workspace screen is a toolbar.  The bottom tool is "Support Blocker".  Select your model and then select Support Blocker.  Click somewhere on the model to create a block.

    On the lower left there will be a list of the objects on the build plate (oddly enough called the "Object List").  Your new support blocker will be Eraser and additional blocks will be added to the list.  You can make them active by selecting them on the list.

    When you select the Eraser block you can drag it around or type numbers into the Move tool dialog.  You can also scale it separately in all three axis.  When it covers the proper section of your model you can also elect to have different settings for the intersection volume between your model and the blocker (it's under "Per Model" settings just above the blocker tool).  I found that if I wanted to block support AND infill from an area that I needed two blocks covering the same area with one set to infill and the other set to support.  I haven't played with that aspect of Cura a lot though.

    Thank you very much for a very thorough explanation. Really appreciate your help & time. I got it to work.

  9. On 3/23/2020 at 1:28 PM, Hausi1234 said:

    For those who got here by the same google search:


    C:\Users\*YOUR USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\cura

    Thank you very much.

    My reason for asking is that I cannot find 2 older Cura profiles I imported. When I want to import again, Cura says that it is already there and save them as name(1). But, I cannot find them when I look for them under "Profiles".

    Can it be that v4.x doesn't "read" v3.x?

  10. Hi and thanks for the help.

    Can someone please point me to some tutorials about this. I have read some blogs and watched videos and a "block" was mentioned in mostly all instances. How do I remove unwanted support. I cannot seem to find this block or how to draw it.

    I will really appreciate your help & advice.


  11. Hi and thanks for the help.

    Ender 5 Pro with Duet 2 WiFi board, RepRap

    I am 4 weeks into 3D printing and have started off with Ultimaker Cura. As I made mistakes with settings, I have learned a lot. Someone advised that I need to learn more about Linear Advance.

    Can someone here please help me with some basic settings to start off with? I have installed the plugin but have noticed that there is no "help" in the "Settings guide".


    Thanks so long.


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