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  1. Hello guys, greetings. So, I am using Tinkergnome V17.10.1 (which I believe is the latest stable version) in a UM2 extended upgraded with a Bondtech DDG (with a adaptation piece found on YouMagine). I'm having two problems: 1)Once in a while my Printer inverts all the axis out from the blue, no clues whatsoever why it is happening, I have to factory reset it, and start all over again (and dialing all the steps again); 2) I am using the stock 0,9º extruder stepper motor, and since I installed the Bondtech extruder, depending on the nozzle temp, I get heavy and frequent losing ste
  2. Hello guys. Are you using the latest stable version V17.10.1 or the newest one V19.03.1? Once in a while my UM2 inverts all axis by itself and I have to factory reset it. Does it happens to anyone?
  3. Alguém com alguma luz sobre extrusoras para UM2? Coloquei aquela Sanjiu mas nao esta muito boa...
  4. I've just changed de e steps. Did nothing else, I don't think I am running into any extrusion problems.
  5. Those are not the right ones. I went to the store without checking and bought them wrong. UM2 right ones are SY42STH38-1684A (at least on mine). Ended up buying again
  6. Same problem here. I just acquired an old UM2 Extended with a total of 2km of filament printer. Although it homes correctly, when moving the print heat by hand (with it turned off) the movement in the Y axis jams in two specific point, really hard. Visually I just can't point nothing wrong that could be a reason for it. Any hints or clues? Thank you.
  7. Olá, mais um aqui. JPA, RJ, UM2 Extd. Acabei de pegar usada. Esta agarrando no eixo Y, não consigo identificar o que é. Já alinhei os eixos...
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