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  1. I am trying to print using Ninja Tek's Eel conductive filament. However using their recommended specifications all the prints I have tried have failed. After messing with the settings I was able to get a print to kind of work at 245 C, but there is still a lot of under extrusion. I have also observed that there seems to be tears in the filament where the drive grips the filament. Is there a way to prevent this tearing? And does anyone know a way to fix this under extrusion problem for Eel filament on the UMS5? I have attached a picture of how the filament looks when it tears and a part that i
  2. I am trying to clean extra TPU off of an Ultimaker s5 nozzle, and I want to know what the best way to remove the TPU is? Should I just heat the nozzle and wipe it off? Clean it with a sonic cleaner etc. Which is the best way without damaging the nozzle. Also what would cause so much of the TPU to stick to the nozzle? I have attached a couple of photos to show what it looks like. Could this be a calibration problem with the nozzle? Or possible a temperature problem with the special type of TPU I am using?
  3. When I am in developer mode is there a chance that I could damage the firmware or printer? If so what do I need to avoid / is there a way to fix it if I do? Also do you know the original setting for the extruder steps/mm?
  4. I am trying to calibrate the extrusion rate for a kind of TPU that is not made by Ultimaker to use on an Ultimaker s5 printer. In order to do this I need to be able to control extrusion manually to tell it to extrude a certain amount. In addition to this I need to be able to send a command to change the extrusion steps/mm for each nozzle using something like pronterface. Is this possible for the Ultimaker s5? If so how would I go about doing this?
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