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  1. Hi. In the university where i study we have printed prosthetics and we did find out PLA is quite good option. We also tried out with a "Solutech" filament made of PLA and Carbon Fiber wich is very resistant and its supossed to be lighter (We did not weight it hehe but it seems like its true). But you need to keep in mind there are other factors beside the material. It also depends on factors like ergonomy (gotta find a comfy material to use between the prosthetic and the amputed member and usability (we gotta know if the patient wil be up to use any color or if the design its cool f
  2. Hi, when i use any plate adhesion or even none of them (but raft), Cura measures a totally larger area which wont allow me to print more than 9 small pieces or 3 considerable medium size parts. I have already checked print settings but i can't find the way to adjust it to only be the large of the skirt/brim/raft separation. Would like to receive some advice :)
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