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  1. Hi Torgeir, Thanks for your answer 🙂 I've saved STL with Hight quality before and I had the same problem. After many tries and finally changing the layer height, the path has changed and set path as a single line... Is it possible that the line height have impact on the path? After many hours of testing I found that the blobs in the corners are the side effect of the retraction. While nozzle wait between layers it by accidentally melt filament in this spot and make a big blog/dot in this place on the each layer. Spiral mode and Z-hop high 0,8 mm really helpe
  2. Hi there I have a problem with thin walls. I've already checked forum and there's no suitable solution that works for me. I try to print 0,4 wall (with 0,4 nozzle) and when I set the wall thickness in Fusion 360 for 0,4 it leaves kinda blobs/tubes across the whole model (on whole Z axis) while I printing. - please see the attachment (big yellow dots). When I use only surface for set the wall in Fusion 360 Cura doesn't want me to print this and save only gcode with line on side of the bed (this from beginning of the print) with no preview option. Already tr
  3. Thanks! Horizontal expansion on 0,01 mm helps 🙂
  4. Hi there! I'm in the middle of the testing my 3d printer and I have some problem while slicing circles. I fount that that Cura (?) segmented my circles, and in some cases make it looks weird and deform on different layers. Sometimes one segment is just missed as well . I've model this circles with 0,4mm wall thickness in Fusion 360. Previous I've tried with different sizes of circles and sometimes one part of circle is segmented and other piece is now. Sometimes whole circle is made from one line. I've also tried to model just a cylinder with no top and bottom a
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