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  1. Mr. jrbarron. It's would appear the both of us are in the same boat. I've been following TechingTechs YR page almost a year before ever owning a printer! There appears to be something missing from the string being sent to the printer that Dremel slicer has, but straight G-Code does not. I've done a bit of snooping, and from what I gather from the packet sniffer, the slicer is sending code in a non standard format, it almost looks web based to be honest. Truthfully, I really wish I knew how to read this better... An educated guess is the printer is waiti
  2. WOW! its like you can read minds my friend! Just last night, i ran into a serious road block with cura4 not finding my printer due to token negotiation.... so, I have read about, and several on YouTube have praised the merits and virtues of Prusa, and actually grabbed it last night! TeachingTech is brilliant! I just watched is non planar printing video last night as well(it was a 3am night for me! GOD I love learning about things that interest me!), and it got my brain all fired up, and a new savings plan in place to fetch myself a printer with proper clearance and cooling. Those results
  3. The location to deposit the UNZIPPED definitions file is Windows 10 is: C > Program Files > Ultimaker Cura 4.7 > resources > definitions. Thank you sooo much for this! Dremels boxed software is unbelievably limited, and I'm a noob at this, so your pointers are well taken. Thank you kind sir!
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