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  1. The bed is fine I can check that again tomorrow but just read your post again I can set the nozzle down just 0.1mm. Thank you for pointing that out! I thought it was normal till it happened to every print. And came back here to ask that very question.
  2. Okay, been a few days and a few prints later I’ve had that problem with it. So do I adjust my nozzle closer to the bed? The labists ET4 has auto and manual. Auto leveling checks 9 points of the bed (I believe). And then in manual of course I adjust the height of the nozzle and I can select all 4 corners and the nozzle comes down to a stop that I set it to. Then I have knobs under all corners and when I twist them the bed goes up and down. So should I have cura do the bottom layer or should I adjust it manually?
  3. printed a lot better this go around. Still a lot to learn in printing, but I believe the hardware was the problem! I appreciate all your help and advise!
  4. the pulley belt has 4 screws that moves the x,y. i tightened those screws as tight as i could and am trying another print right now. hopefully that is the problem and this print will work out. so far the print is going good and looks to be centered and symmetrical. will post a pic once it is done but so far it looks to be running better than it was.
  5. Will check the hardware for anything loose and try again thanks!
  6. Will do when I am home later today. But just so I know how do I upload a .3MF file? This is happening to the other prints I have tried as well. So idk if it’s a setting in cura but I’m sure we can figure it out! Thanks for replying!
  7. Wasn’t sure how to reply but above is the picture of what is happening, I’m not home right now but I can upload the .3MF here later today.
  8. Hello, made an account so I could ask this question not sure where else to turn. Very new to 3D printing, just got a brand new Labists ET4 printer and was excited to start printing projects. First of all, I printed the preloaded projects that came with the sd card and it printed perfectly. I searched online and found that Cura is the best software to use when slicing. I searched on what Printer to set it up as (since labists ET4 is not an option when selecting a printer) and it said that the Anet ET4 works well with it. When I slice my project it looks great on Cura but when I print the project, from the first lines (using brim as a base) it starts off centered and then starts to drift off to the left every single time. If anyone uses the latest version of Cura for the same printer can you please share your settings so I can compare? Or if you have any suggestions on the settings for the print I would greatly appreciate it. I use PLA filament, 1.75 mm I run my nozzle heat at 200 degrees and my bed temp at 75 degrees. my bed is level and like I said, it printed the preloaded items just fine before I had this problem. I try to mess with settings but at the same time I don’t know what I am doing with it and am wasting filament at this point.
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