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  1. Here is the link to GitHub: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/8408
  2. Hello gr5, thanks for your guidance. I created a new problem in GitHub.
  3. Cleaning the nozzle is very important with PETG. Otherwise the filament will stick to the nozzle. In the case of larger parts, printing will then fail! For Cura / Experimental / Wipe please add these two options: 1. Additional cleaning at the start Should be executed after the "Start G-Code". 2. Additional cleaning at the end Should be executed before the "End G-Code". Thank you
  4. That is correct. My day-long attempts with different parameters could not prevent the nozzle from sticking with somewhat larger parts! With PETG, the only thing left is the automatic repeated cleaning of the nozzle, even in between.
  5. I use the 3D printer "anycubic-predator": https://www.anycubic.com/products/anycubic-predator-fdm-printer The filament is PETG. That doesn't mean warping. However, after a while the nozzle sticks. Which unfortunately slowly but surely destroys the part! A cleaning brush cannot be attached to the X-axis of the delta printer. Further optional input values are required (shown in red in the picture): 1. additionally required: Y absolute 2. additionally required: Z absolute This gives an absolute starting position X-Y-Z for the wipe move (shown in yellow in the picture).
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