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  1. Tinkergnome: Thanks for the reply. I have looked at this before, but I don't kn ow how I would account for the different hot end temps and build plate temps for the difference materials. Is there a variable place holder that tells the machine to use the temps listed in the material profile to account for PLA, PETG, etc? Thanks
  2. Ender 3 Pro, latest version of Cura, printing from Octoprint. I've hunted for a post addressing this, without any luck. If this is a repeat, my apologies. The gcode Cura is creating does not wait for the heated bed to reach temp before it starts the print job. This means I have to manually preheat the printer hot end and bed before sending the job to the Ender 3 Pro. I also have a Qidi X-One2, and use the slicer that came with it. It automatically makes the print job pause until both hot and the bed are at temp. Much more convenient than telling the printer to preheat, waiting, and then sending the job to the printer. It's not unusual that I get diverted and forget to tell the print job to start. I found the gcode on this forum to modify the initial G code in the created file to make the Ender 3 Pro wait for the bed to reach temperature before it starts to print. Is there a way in the Cura settings to make this automatic, and not have to manually modify the G code in every file I create?
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