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  1. Spikesef

    3D Mask

    Thanks Greg! I actually did figure out what I wanted! (Pretty proud of myself for being an old geezer). I found that if I enabled The Advanced feature under Setting Visability, I could see the option to "Change at Z" in the Post Processing scripts. My goal was to print PETG to a 50% layer height, then change the filament to TPU and cut the print speed by 50%. It did exactly as I wanted on my print last night. I am still experiencing some stringing on the edges with the TPU at the end of the print. So tonight I am dropping the bed temp down to 30c from 75C to see if that helps. My son gave me this Ender 3 Pro for Fathers day and I have a big learning curve to go. Overall I must say I am impressed with the CURA 4.7.1 update. I am sure it will do many things that I may never use, but so far it has vastly exceeded my expectations. So far the PETG and TPU have bonded well. Thanks Again!
  2. Spikesef

    3D Mask

    I am printing a 3D mask using PETG for the bottom layers(0-50) and then making a color change to With TPU from 50 to 100. At the color change I would like to slow the prind speed from 50 to 20. Can this be accomplished and if so, How? I am not a nerd so specific details would be appreciated
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