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  1. Thanks you. After some tests, trials and errors, I can now print whit the accuracy I need ! The settings I use are the one above with jerks at 20, retraction at every layers. I use the engineer profile at 1.5. Now my prints don't expand. The settings that help is Horizontal Expansion : -0.16 (For Ultimaker PLA Tough and Ultimaker PLA) Hope it help others as well. I got scared for a while, but the problem was the guy in front of the printer not the machine.
  2. Yeah sorry about that.. I agree it is not a good start. But I was feeling a bit let down after my few first prints. The handling of the machine and the startup was close to flawless, so I had really high expectations for the printing results. Now, I just got the printer less than a week ago, so I guess I'll have to find the right settings. To answer your questions: I use PLA tough (Ultimaker). I used the following settings I have found on an other thread about accuracy (I did left jerks as default) : Line width: 0.4 Wall thickness: 1.2 Top/Bottom thickness: 1.2 Speeds: 40 Jerks: 30 Horizontal expansion: -0.03 walls: 3 Also I use Engineering profile with 0.1 height. Now the pieces fit better, but I still struggle to screw them together. After I clean the burr line. What are the right settings for tough PLA for best accuracy ? Thanks.
  3. Having the same issue here. I'll have to find the right settings. I guess It'll take a little more work to achieve the accuracy I need.
  4. Yep ! I have a hard time for the material station to recognize the spools. I tried several times. Trying to turn it on the left side, but it doesn't get recognize... A bit frustrating. A manual override should be possible. It's painful to spend lots of time at each materials change... Or there something I am doing wrong idk.
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