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  1. I was wondering what was the best room temperature for day to day use, of an Ultimaker S5 printer. I am asking this, because I live in temperate zone. My workshop can get quite cold in winter (about 10°C during the night sometimes 5°C when it's really cold ) In summer it can get quite hot around 30°C (and little more at times) Regarding humidity it's Ok. I have checked. It's more temperature wise that I am concerned. And since winter in approaching, I was wondering if it's the right place to do some printing ? Or should I move m
  2. I have tried again and finally got the spool to get recognized :)
  3. Thanks Smithy. I have tried with UM PLA Yellow, same thing. But I am in the middle of a print, maybe the machine cannot print and look for filament at the same time.
  4. Hello, I am struggling to change filaments spool with the material station. At least the printer is struggling to recognize which filament I am inserting. (I am using Ultimaker filaments spool) (printer model S5 - September 2020 batch) Steps I take : open the material bay door press + sign on the chosen feeder (A,B, etc...) press "load" button insert the spool with the sticker on the left (filament going down) guide the filament tip into the chosen extruder. the screen show a yellow exclamation mark ==> the filament
  5. Thanks you. After some tests, trials and errors, I can now print whit the accuracy I need ! The settings I use are the one above with jerks at 20, retraction at every layers. I use the engineer profile at 1.5. Now my prints don't expand. The settings that help is Horizontal Expansion : -0.16 (For Ultimaker PLA Tough and Ultimaker PLA) Hope it help others as well. I got scared for a while, but the problem was the guy in front of the printer not the machine.
  6. Yeah sorry about that.. I agree it is not a good start. But I was feeling a bit let down after my few first prints. The handling of the machine and the startup was close to flawless, so I had really high expectations for the printing results. Now, I just got the printer less than a week ago, so I guess I'll have to find the right settings. To answer your questions: I use PLA tough (Ultimaker). I used the following settings I have found on an other thread about accuracy (I did left jerks as default) : Line width: 0.4 Wall thickness: 1.
  7. Having the same issue here. I'll have to find the right settings. I guess It'll take a little more work to achieve the accuracy I need.
  8. Yep ! I have a hard time for the material station to recognize the spools. I tried several times. Trying to turn it on the left side, but it doesn't get recognize... A bit frustrating. A manual override should be possible. It's painful to spend lots of time at each materials change... Or there something I am doing wrong idk.
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