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  1. Hi UlrichC-DE It seems you are right. It only happens on a large print, where there is lots of long distance movement of the print head. It seems filament was pulled bit far and I can hear noise when it retracts. The layer height setting was between 0.2 to 1 mm with 0.4 print head. I didn't change material, was using PLA (ultimaker) the whole time. Fan was on. First layer seems fine, the problem occurs duing the infil progress. I will keep observing this. Many thanks for the help.
  2. Hi UlrichC-DE I have tried different tension setting for the feeder, all the way from top, middle and bottom, and I have no luck with the material grinding. However, last night I have turned off the flow sensor, it seems to print fine now. Many thanks
  3. Hi I have got a S5 for about a week. However, when I print some large job, after the 1st layer, I have the error massege on the screen says" material is empty" whilst plenty of material is on the spool. I pull out the filement and noticed there was significant grinding. I did some research and have disassembled the feeder and cleaned it. Set the tension to the lowerest. But the same problem still not solved. So far I am having problems with PLA and tough PLA, haven't tried other material yet. It seems the grinding happened after retraction. My retraction setting
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