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  1. The request to connect the printer with the pin returns 200 OK: https://digitalfactory.ultimaker.com/api/connect/confirm-registration-pin/588628 {"data": {"cluster_id": "V_D4ZUAwfb_jxKfmsywvWB2L4C-CMEpIAB00k5f5nzGQ", "generated_time": "2020-10-02T13:39:55.000Z", "host_name": "ultimakersystem-0030d6226fb4"}} However, the request to https://digitalfactory.ultimaker.com/api/connect/clusters?status=active returns: {"data": []} Hope this is helpful. 🙂
  2. After inputting the 6-digit pin-code, the dialog just disappears and the printer does not show up. In Chrome Developer tools I can further see a 404 request to: https://digitalfactory.ultimaker.com/api/account/organizations/current With this response: {"errors": [{"id": "f5657f76-3a1d-4b22-950d-40a57bf0705e", "code": "recordNotFound", "http_status": "404", "title": "The given record does not exist.", "meta": {"record_name": "organization", "translatable": "The given %{record_name} does not exist.", "error_type": "ValidationError", "url": "https://digitalfactory.ult
  3. Hi, we have 3 UltiMaker printers that we're considering using through Digital Factory. As I understand it, we can enqueue new prints directly from Cura. However, since we print a lot of "standard" items, often by people without Cura (by reusing gcode-files on SD-cards), my question is which ways you can enqueue prints to the Digital Factory? Is there a kind of database of our existing prints, that can be selected for printing, without the need of Cura? Best case would be that we use a tablet/browser for enqueuing new prints. Thanks in advance.
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