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  1. I'm planning the upgrade of one of our existing printers to have a removable heating table. I'd love some advice on heating tables, either for purchasing or installation. We're going to be putting this into a Dimatix DMP-2850 inkjet printer, so we can increase our substrate temperature from 60 c to 100 c. As such, what we really want is a flat, thin, easy to control heating table that is durable, and with a minimum of hassle to place in and level flat. I'm not opposed to adjustible legs, but if we can avoid them I would be happier. Does anyone have advice on reliabl
  2. I'm looking to purchase a heated bed to upgrade an existing printer, and currently the Ultimaker Heated Bed for use with Ultimaker 2 is near the top of my list. However, to decide if it is acceptable, I need some details about it that I haven't found online. First off, is it capable of reaching 125 c, or is it limited to 100 c? Obviously this depends on cooling conditions: in this case the unit will be in an enclosed printer, with no significant airflow. If I have the heater board does it accept direct analogue electrical input (say if I have a variable V-I power source),
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