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  1. Yes. There are a lot of things that are a lot of things that aren't explained. I don't understand why the firmware can't just take the first 16 characters and go ahead and print.
  2. I am attaching a small .stl file and the resulting gcode from Cura 4.7.1. My printer is a CR 10S Pro and the print does not come out round. I would like for someone to start this print form the gcode and slice and print from the .stl. I have printed this from Simplfy3D and get the same result as Cura. Therefore the problem is either the .stl, or my printer. Thanks in advance for your help. A question about Cura:Circle Templ_A.stl When I save gcode, Cura adds the name of my printer to the filename of the .stl. Is there a way to change this? Circle Templ_A.gcode
  3. I found the problem. The file name was too long. I shortened the file name and it printed. I guess Cura should put that into their code, or maybe it is.
  4. That didn't solve my problem. After I had the problem with 4.7.1, I installed 4.6 again and sliced a part and it ran fine. Then I ran the same part with 4.7.1 and the printer pauses with "In the Pause". I went back to 4.6.2 and got the same result. Then I used RevoUninstaller, took out 4.7.1 and all the files associated with it. Did the same with 4.6.2. Then re-installed 4.6.2. I selected the CR 10S Pro out of the list of printers, sliced the circle again and got the same result. Where are the printer files located that have the starting and ending gcode? Is
  5. I recently upgraded to a BL Touch on my CR10S Pro using Tiny Machines firmware DW6.2. I also upgraded Cura to 4.7.1 and sliced a model then started to print. The printer says In the Pause at the top of the mCCR10SPRO_Circle Template.gcodeain screen and locks up. I am trying to find out what causes this. Any ideas? My gcode for a small circular model is attached.
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