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  1. Just browsing through the forums to confirm my concers. Natural PVA cannot be handled by the material station. Every 10-15 minutes there is a feeding error and the printer pauses. We have quite some issues with the MS. Also won't load BASF GF or CK fillaments.
  2. If anyone is still interested. I started a project on github to create a settings configuration that adds Dremel 3D45 support to the newest iteration of Cura (4.8). Github Link What's working so far: Cura lists the Dremel3D45 as available (definition copied from Dremel Digilab Slicer) The 3D model of the build platform is shown on build volume Dremel materials can be selected from the material browser (PLA, ECO-ABS, Nylon, PETG) The default material is set to the Dremel ECO-ABS when adding a new printer Quality profiles for 0.05, 0.1, 0.2,
  3. Hello folks, we purchased an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and started printing a few days ago. It is an late 2020 model (U on the sidewalls) running on the newest firmware. Problem description: When starting a print (or even XY calibration setup) the printhead moves to the front left corner. It loads the material and purges about 50cm of filament. I think up until this point everything is normal procedure. From here on out the printer continues to make strings of filament. It moves between front left corner to mid left corner and creates strings of filament until the pr
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