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  1. gr5, you are amazing! Such a fast and especially detailed answer! I highly appreciate that! Thanks a lot! Tomorrow, I will start with testing those suggested settings on 3 parts at the same time; to have at least a bit the feeling of multiple prints at the same time. Have a great Sunday evening!
  2. Dear All, I hope that you can help me to solve my printing problem. I want to print multiple slider in one "go" and in the past this worked with an acceptable result. Now, the print gradually gets more and more holes. How can this be happen? Do you have an idea? I am using: Ultimaker 3 extended Ultimaker TPU95, white Cura 4.7.1 (although the file might be one version earlier) The Cura file as well as a photo are both attached. I performed already multiple prints prior, using or not using the "support" function/ same material as well as supportive PVA. But actually, I do not think supportive material is needed. Please let me know, which information is missing. Thank you very much in advance! UM3E_Slider 02.3mf
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