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  1. So I designed this lampshade to print on my ender 3 pro with a 0.8mm nozzle and its feeling like a nightmare... I get these few layers at about 21,2 cm that are very slightly shifted to the outside of the geometry plus some change in thickness over a little area, none of this i could identify in Cura 4,7,1. Of course the whole layer looks like %&%& and makes the whole print useless for lighting, Im uploading some pics so you get an idea... I have tried multiple settings, from changing layer height and line width, using adaptative layers, Smooth Spiralized, Maximum Res., Make Overhang printable and tried surface mode, none of wich seem to get rid of those lines. I should add that Print Thin walls is deactivated aswell. I printed other tall models with no issues so z axis or any x/y wobble is out of question. I have also tried different stl files but had no luck. I get the feeling cura has a hard time slicing vases with almost flat surfaces, or maybe small bugs like these just become too visible. Thankfully i have about a kg of a filament i dont like so please dont hesitate to make any suggestions haha, i would gladly give it a try! Desperation is kickin in CE3PRO_N6.gcode
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