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  1. Hi @SandervG , Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late one... Indeed there is a lot of challenge to get the full power of digitalization, from Designers to sell to users who print digital files via streaming. All the existing marketplace such thingiverse, Cult3d, YouMagine and others dozen of this are just like "bazaar sell" without any Design approach, branding, quality , Intellectual Property or any professional design for 3d print, most of the people put their stuff to be print for free and also sometime crazy expensive, and final consumer print 1 or 2 times and t
  2. Hey Folks, I am printing for a long time, and I always assumed that 3d printing will grow for professional (which is done) but also for consumer. Ultimaker is now one of the major leader of 3d printing with the FFF technology. But still no B to C functionality is available ? I think is there huge possibilities to have a B to C streaming functionality >> For example : a digital marketplace where we can sell objects, with the right of streaming the gcode in your Ultimaker. Obviously this can only work if some rules are existing. - The 3d print is setup and sl
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