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  1. Okay, so say I have two Ender 3s and I use one for terrain that is more or less not detailed too much, and use the other one for the more detailed stuff. I could put a 0.8mm nozzle on the one I use for terrain and it would actually print faster? BTW... I am new to this and can't figure out why the hell I suck so bad at printing on a PLA!
  2. A bit of an old post, I'm aware... but are you saying that I could buy 0.8mm nozzles and be able to print something in 2 days versus 4!? And this won't have an affect on quality?
  3. Here are the STLs to both of them. Thank you soooooo much for responding. I'm feeling so defeated. I know other people who have the same machine, same settings and they can print it fine! I just replaced the nozzle as well, and put in a new roll of filament. I already like this gray better than the black! Warp-floor_cutout.stl Warp-floor_solid.stl ForMari.3mf
  4. I've gotten pretty good at Resin printing (the good old hard way of wanting to rip your hair out and throw the printer across the room for weeks until it just falls into place). I got and Ender 3 Pro for printing terrain as I just cannot do it on a resin. I am able to print most things I have tried with no problems as far as I can tell. Boy is PLA different that Resin. I am totally new to PLA and admit that I know nothing. I will load some picture of my issue(s). I will also load my settings which I took from the creator of the prints because I figured what better way to try to fix my issues. I'm printing my first trial piece after using his settings. One more thing, its a brand new printer. I took some pieces off and re-tightened everything. I made sure the white tube was pushed firmly down to the nozzle. My bed was not leveling in the center, I am using the magnet. I put a square piece of paper about 4" x 4" in the center, under the magnet and that seems to have made the print surface level. I have no idea if this is allowed but like I said. I'm grasping at straws. So now when all four corners are "level" the center is finally almost the right distance from nozzel as well, instead of being to far from it. Does the actual printbed need to be level, like with an actual leveling tool? Okay, so I'm printing terrain, some turns out fine. These two do NOT turn out fine. Okay, im uploading one issue at a time. I have researched nonstop. I've watched the Friday Filament guy. I've bugged friends who 3d print. I'm going nutty. There are two versions to this "floor" piece. One has cut out and one is solid. Both have a raised design that is supposed to be a nice thick raised line. My printer is making crap up on its own.. 😕 I have formatted a new MIcro SD and am trying that now. Please... anyone if you can help me I would be in debt to YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!
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