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  1. Thats great thanks for your help.
  2. You are correct extruder 2 is BB 0.4 🙂 but if I am only setting up to use extruder 1 which is AA 0.4.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I am using orange or black PLA. I am going to have to ask for patience as I didn't set up the machine and have only just started using it so I'm a complete novice with 3D prints, where/how do I found out which print core I use.
  4. I was hoping that some one could help me with the settings on our Ultimaker S5 please? I want to print some parts off on the engineering profile but whenever I try to it comes up with a message bubble stating " there is no engineering profile for the configuration in extruder 2.the default intent will be used instead" If I need to do some input in to the settings if I could get a "idiots guide" of how to do it please.
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