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  1. The printer's on a 1 x 1m cement block which is sitting on solid sponge. I'll give the Infill Line Directions a go; thanks.
  2. (Would a particular setting in "Infill Line Directions" deal with this?)
  3. I'm on v4.7.1 and am printing some models that have long sections (±100mm long) where the infill area (@ 100%) is maybe 3-4mm wide. When the infill is printed, even at relatively low infill print speeds (20-30mm/sec), the Cura-output G-Code is printing the infill (Lines) in such a back-and-forth way (crossways to the length of the piece) that the printer essentially vibrates. The area being infilled is perhaps 3mm when the vibration occurs, but can also occur when it's even thinner. Other than perhaps slowing down infill print to a much slower speed, is there any option
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