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  1. Thanks for your input geert_2, I'm with you on the "keep it simple" method, but that wasn't the point of the experiment. The point was, could I imbed a nut. And sure, the first shot at trying this I used your exact method: I just stuck around until it was time. The second time I printed the part, I was doing (once again) more than one thing at a time, and missed the window, I think by only a few minutes. That's when I discovered the flaw in that method. So now what I do, is use a post-processing gcode routine that displays the current layer being printed on the controller LCD. That work
  2. I have been experimenting with printing an ABS part with a pause in the gcode to insert a stainless steel nut. I have successfully printed numerous ABS parts with my Ender 3 Pro using a glass plate and an enclosure. Printing ABS in general is not the issue. Normally I run the hot end at 255C and the bed at 115C, with the Print Cooling disabled. With the experimental component, I pause at a height above the bed of approximately 7.5 mm. At the pause point the bed and extruder temps remain as set while parked, and usually the interior of the enclosure is around 45C. Although I have tr
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