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  1. Solved horizontal expansion and initial layer horizontal expansion are tied to eachother updating eachother when changed guessing this is a bug as theres no need for both if one changes the other even though they are different things entirely
  2. didnt mean to submit without more info , vertical holes are slightly smaller but only by about 5-10 % i only noticed this issue after printing and looking at the sides of my model as the horizontal holes are basically filled in
  3. ive only printed out first layers so far as i dont have filament to waste at the moment but i can already tell the retractions are managed alot better than i could get on simplify3d im just woundering how well cura will handle 200mms when i finnaly get the scaling issues fixed
  4. im going to guess youve had no sollutions given , im trying to use cura on a ender 3 with an skr mini and prints that are 64mm x 64mm in the slicer are coming out 80x80mm and theres no way from what ive found so far to fix it and it seems no one who makes videos on cura covers any problems maybe since a moderator will check my post here we could get some help
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