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  1. God I wish this was solved. Can you apply the same logic to the layer change code to support the option of changing the seam to randomize for the duration of each layer up to a certain layer? I know Gcode is hard to work with i'm not sure what to say.
  2. A suggestion for a bug fix, or a patch. The spiralize feature will not initiate when "Print each item separately" is chosen.
  3. What i'm looking for is a possible solution within Cura to allow the printing of two separate spiralized objects on a bed with program code recognizing the beginning and ending of each object.
  4. arrows point to what i'm injecting -->G0 F9000 X241.99 Y35.25 Z249: this raises to z 249 G0 F9000 X241.99 Y35.25 Z27.6: this lowers back down to starting position M104 S200: starts heater M204 S500: starts acceleration M205 X5 Y5: starts advanced motion TYPE:SUPPORT-INTERFACE G1 F600 Z25.6 G1 F2700 E16
  5. So I need to move to z 249 before printing the support interface, which shows up in layer 157 and in this chunk of code. Its alright if x and y are maintained in position, all I require is moving upward, and then downward. ;LAYER:157 G1 F1200 E2121.33654 G1 F600 Z27.6 G92 E0 T1 G92 E0 M109 S190 M104 T0 S175 M106 S127.5 M204 S5000 G1 F1200 E9.5 G1 F600 Z27.6 G0 F9000 X241.99 Y35.25 Z27.6 M104 S200 M204 S500 M205 X5 Y5 ;TYPE:SUPPORT-INTERFACE G1 F600 Z25.6 G1 F2700 E16 G1 F1500 X112.003 Y35.25 E20
  6. Sorry to comment my own post, I basically need a script to bounce the extruder to a certain z location at a certain layer height, and then return to printing without pausing.
  7. Post processing script to park extruder at Z during layer change I realize that in the post-processing script "pause at layer height" I have the ability to park the extruder at both x location and y location. Is there a post-processing script like this that allows me to park the extruder to z height at layer change?
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