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  1. @JohnInOttawa I don’t see that it affected it in any way. I tested on one of the old panels first after reading about it in the assembly manual. Make sure to use a non-dyed cloth or it will transfer the dye over. This happened to me with so I switched to a white towel and all the dye came off. It looks new.
  2. Ok, I got this totally torn apart and rebuilt. I replaced pretty much all the mechanical parts besides the x and y motors. Attached you’ll see the old top panel laying over the new one , lined up at one corner. The assembly instructions called for using acetone for prepping the clad surface for the led strip, so I used it everywhere but the side panels. For those I used soap and water. I’m pretty impressed with these test prints. The 20 mm cube is only off 0.02 mm in x and y over and the z 0.1mm over. Not bad for my first 3d printing experience!
  3. Thanks Smithy; I’ll try that first. I’m in for a fun project. Parts are on order to replace the top frame, front frame, all flanged bearings, axles, trapezoidal screw, limit switches, and the extruder (2+) upgrade. Hopefully this will work better than new when I’m done. The damaged top panel looks like a trapezoid and is about 1.5 inches out of square. This is what happens during shipping when someone just carelessly throws it in a box with no support!
  4. Hello. I recently acquired an Ultimaker 2 that is going to require a full rebuild. This thing is really dirty and was wondering what is recommended to clean the frame. Will acetone or alcohol be detrimental to the clad/side panels? Thanks!
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