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  1. Hello, thanks for answering. I did not receive the email with the notification. I attach images for a better explanation, This is how I plan printing. x = 0 y = 0 z = 0 And this is how it prints. x=20 y=0 z=0 Since i moved the point where the end point touches, the entire print shifts 20mm to the right.
  2. I added a metal piece to the structure of my Anet A8 with the propose that the new air rowter don't crash whith it, in this way the x axis end point sensor stops there. It works, but the printing area moved 20mm. Everything I want to print appears 20mm moved, before I only ran the piece 20mm outside the printing area in Cura and it was printed as I wanted, now it is not possible to do this. How can I modify where the print zone really is?
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