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  1. The new update has sorted this for me, Thanks
  2. Any help on this? still sitting with 8 spools of PETg from Filamentive that i'm not able to get running correctly in the S5.
  3. A couple of things might help this, try to print outer walls first and increase the amount of retraction, you could also try to smart hide the seam or decrease nozzle temperature, i would try one at a time and see which works on a small print.
  4. Watch your retraction distance and speed on this material it can quick become worn, i really liked this material for support but have been forced to move to breakaway support due to the same issues as everyone else.
  5. Hi SandervG, I have downloaded and installed the 'Filamentive' rPetg material from your marketplace, it shows up in my Cura software 4.8 but when i try to load it to the material station on my S5 i cannot select it from the menu, it has a Red triangle and is greyed out when i tap the triangle it tells me there is an ER64 error. Up until now i have only found that tricking the machine into thinking it is CPE can work, i have also noticed that there is no 'generic' petg option in cura software? Am i doing something wrong?
  6. My digital factory has started to hold the printing status after completing the run, i also noticed that when this happens i don't see a % status during the print process. Its not a massive issue but just thought i should let you guys know.
  7. I suggested this, but since found on the front panel you can choose to have the lights on while printing which i have done for the same reason as the OP
  8. Thanks Ultimakers this works well, in sharepoint to create a hyperlink it requires https:// before the ip, but it still works with this present 😎
  9. a retrofit wipe station would be excellent for me as a mostly cloud based printer
  10. I will try this when i return to work on Monday, thank you for the reply and information👍
  11. Hi everyone, As part of my job i run a request system for 3D printing, entirely built in office365 using sharepoint, forms, automate and powerapps for anyone interested in doing the same. Anyway i would like to embed a live feed into my sharepoint request page to enable internal customers a view of their fixtures being printed and as i have embedded videos before i was wondering how i could get a link to the camera feed? Is there a html somewhere i can tap in to? Thanks James
  12. Hi Folks first thread here for me, i have recently become responsible for a brand new S5 Pro bundle and have within the last few days started to hear a grinding, gear skipping sort of noise from the material station in bay A which i have only used for Ultimaker PVA support material and still do. I have uploaded a video for your thoughts, the spool does not seem to be controlled by the rollers while i am printing, rather driven from inside the station as if its being dragged. VID_20201015_100630.zip
  13. Hi Colette, I am having similar issues with PVA support i print remotely so it is a BIG PAIN, you could try to limit the retraction in Cura or lower the retraction distance to around 4mm. I would have expected Ultimaker to fix this in their profiles for these expensive materials... i have since ordered breakaway support in the hope it will operate more successfully, but i will continue to diagnose this and find a solution while i am using it.
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