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  1. I bought a lamination and a rotary cutter which has been a pretty cost effective solution for making tiles or boards with just laminated stockyard. With that your main costs will just be paying for the prints.
  2. Did you try to set the Initial Layer Line Width back to 100%?. If you use the Cura 4.6 uninstaller and want to disable the settings, that will only remove the Cura 4.6 settings. If you had previously installed Cura 4.5 and did not want to uninstall the Cura 4.5 settings, those settings would probably have stayed on your system. Cura 4.7 then imports from Cura 4.5 your settings files instead of starting new. Go to Support-> View configuration folder if you want to start fresh in Cura 4.7 after installing it. Then close Cura, but leave the opened folder open. Delete all th
  3. Is anybody used a platform other than spoon-flower? There's a designer whose art is wonderful and I'd buy it, but she's not selling spoon-flower to a restrictive business agreement with spoon-flowers. The site that she was willing to upload to carries only synthetic fabrics and costs 32 $a yard. Does anyone else have any spoon-flower alternatives that let you print the design of someone else on cotton?
  4. In Cura there is a support choice in the basic tab, you select anywhere if you want the support to be created as part of the model or if you want them to start from the plate and work up, touching build-plate. Then if you click the ... You can edit the help options next to the drop-down button. If you check the box, most slicing software can generate support automatically. For supports I checked about 3d printer here like how thick, what angle is the threshold for supports to be generated, etc., you can go further than a yes / no. Modelled supports often use less material than made
  5. If you want to do this yourself, just drop this in C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.4\resources\meshes (you really have to select the word "this" if you just download from anything it won't work properly) and overwrite the file that's already there. I do not know the paths for other operating systems, but you should be able to find the directory if you are searching for "creality ender3.stl" in the cura installation folder
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