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  1. Thanks for all the help everyone. I finally manged to get a single unit to print in PLA and have now just received a 1kg roll of it (instead of the 200g supplied with printer). The manufacturer has also finally sent me some settings to use with PETG that I will try later this week. I've also now ordered some 3DLAC that's arriving Wednesday, so will try again with that. Now I just need to find how to get a better quality last layer as that's the top flat surface that's visible. P.s. The bed is Heated and is metal plate with mat stuck on top.
  2. Hello from a complete newbie. I have a Creality 10S pro V2 and other than a single print (via Ultimaker) of my model I can't get anything to work. I've tried both PETG and ABS using various suggested settings and recently changed slicer software to Ultimaker from manufacturers. Tried with Brim and Skirt and various temperatures. spent forever levelling bed to approx. 0.009 between all 4 corners. 1 Issue is bed in middle is 0.025 - 0.035 higher than rest. I've even printed this face down, but the words were lost and a small 0.5 recess all around inner section was totally
  3. Hello Everyone, I am very new to 3D printing and was till today using Creality Slicer software. (It wouldn't print my model despite loads of settings tweaks and diffeent material but it did build good supports - that kept warping) changed to Ultimaker and selected "Generate Support" but nothing appears to be printing (model printing perfect though at moment). I have a 25mm overhang at approx 9.5mm high and are expecting this to warp when it gets to that height. Please see picture and settings. Any ideas what I haven't ticked correctly as I selected defaults?
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