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  1. Maybe 'cutting' the model is the wrong concept. It may be easier to subtract or crop. Cura already has an option to subtract supports using an overlapping object. It can also even change print settings for a volume defined by an overlapping object. Why not have a "do not print" or "only print within" options? Then you could import a 1cm cube, stretch it as required and use it to define a volume to print or volume to crop? You have to realize that most 3D files available are stl files which are not as easy to modify as solid geometry models. But most of the time I only want to
  2. Alternatively you can arrange your object in your modeling software before you send it to Cura. It is easier to create a tight array with rectangular objects but I admit that hexagonal objects would be more difficult. Maybe make a grid pattern in your modeling software that you can snap your models to would be easier that doing it manually in Cura.
  3. Thanks @geert_2. That is like my option 2, which is what I am using now. All I did is put a 0.2mm thick disk-shaped void right at the base of each stud. The print looks very clean and I get neat ceiling layers at the top of the whole block, right before the studs print. But then there are redundant floor layers at the base of the studs. If I could just specify a "100% infill at layer #", I could specify the ceiling layers of the big block, and the studs could continue printing as if they were the only things on the bed (as in no additional floor layers for them). O
  4. Let me explain as best as I can and forgive me if the answer is already found in the forums (it's a big site and hard to put the concept into a few keywords) So I am printing some lego style blocks as counting blocks for teaching grade 3 math. They are usually called "Base 10 Blocks" and built with square blocks. This is a 10x10x1cm 100's unit. The bottom 3mm has a recess for the 2mm tall studs when stacking blocks on blocks. So the majority of the 3D model is solid so I can use the CURA generated infill (20% cubic in this case). Printing on a Creality CR-6 SE.
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