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  1. Hi Folks, In the newest version of Cura it seems like the Z layer height resolution was dropped down to only two decimal places. Why was this change made? I have a printer with a really odd collection of units in the drive train and I used to be able to set my layer height to crazy amounts like 0.1905 and such. After the most recent version I can only enter in 0.19 for my layer height and my prints are now failing like mad. Can we please go back to the higher detail? Thanks, Jessica
  2. Hey Folks, I have the newest version of Cura. I've never had need for vase mode before but that changed this morning. Unfortunately, I seem to be having problems with what I think is supposed to be a simple setting. To start, my model is a simple solid cone created with Fusion360 and saved as an STL. I load it into Cura and select "Spiralize Outer Contour". I then make sure that "Surface Mode" is set to surface. Finally, I slice it. When I go to print I noticed that I'm not printing continuous spirals at all. After each revolution my printhead takes about a 10 degree b
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