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  1. So I did a few tests and it looks like both versions are more or less having the same "problem". I designed this model pushing the 45° borders to the limit. Meaning I jumped forwards and back from Blender to Cura to stay beneath the 45° angle and it looks like I created a model that gets newly interpreted with every import (without changing the model) whether it is within the 45° rule or not. Sometimes it is and sometimes it's not. I did some analyses with Blender (it has a neat plugin for checking data for 3d print) and indeed there are around 70 faces above 45°. So now I am a little unsure concerning what I actually see in Cura regarding the warning display of print models.


    Has anyone in the community made long term experiences with that part of Cura?

  2. Hi all,


    just asking if someone stumbled over the same issue as me this morning while updating to Cura 4.8? As you can see in the attached image the same object shown in 4.7.1 does not display any overhang promblem zones. I printed the object already twice without support so it works fine in 4.7.1. Did something change in the 45° display rule? When I change degree values in the "build support" settings it has influence on where it generates them but is not changing the red warning display.



  3. On 10/22/2020 at 12:04 AM, cloakfiend said:

    Mind you I don't print that many items, so a 24Hrs print is not an issue for me, and I print hollow, so to have a real nice print that needs very little clean up after 24hrs, means its worth the wait. also I rarely ever get failed prints. If ever. So no time wasted there either!

    I only got a 16 Hrs print window (sharing office) and so I need a different approach. When I go for fine details I need to slice my model already in my 3d main tool into managebale parts 😉

  4. Hi everybody,


    bought me one of these neat Ultimaker S3 printers and started to do "3d art" with it (3d printing beginner).

    After a couple of month and prints I start to fall in love with this machine 😉


    After 25 years as a CGI artist I finally hold my stuff in hands for real 🙂

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