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  1. Boss, Am I the only Ultimaker Cura having issues with the 4.8.0 software? Following a select to Quit Ultimaker the software locks up and I have to initiate a Force Quit. Dan
  2. Done, please keep in mind I've been working with Matterhackers for the past year and based my experience on this.
  3. Awesome, I look forward to the podcast! I'll use a CC 0.6. Again thanks!
  4. Yes, you're correct, it's not Ultimaker ABS, I purchased the material with the printer from CA MatterHacker. I wish Matterhacker would've been honest and explained I had the option to purchase Ultimaker material being new to 3D Printing. I've purchased BASF Innofil3D PAHT CF15 filament. I'm worried about the Cura Material app setting and if they are sufficient/correct. If so, would you suggest I try this next? I also want to use BASF Ultrafuse Metal Filament, but I have no experience with this material. I'm curious if the BASF app adjusts for the shrink rate or if I
  5. Hi Sanderv, I was wondering if I could pick your 3D intelligence mind? I have several areas in my print that have sheared apart from each other, I'm confused because it only affected one part (middle pic). The material is ABS with a PVA support. I am debating whether to use a teflon or nylon based material along with an alternate support material (breakaway or aqueous). Please see the attached pic and let me know your opinion or what I can do to prevent this from occurring?
  6. Hi Sanderv, Sorry to have bothered you, I uninstalled and reinstalled the cura software and now the printing cores are aligned. I hope all is fixed, I'll keep my fingers crossed! Again thank you! Dan
  7. Hi Sanderv, I appreciate your help, I am still having the same issues with the print core alignment, this happens when I use a support material. Can you please guid me in a direction to correct my material alignments, the PVA material overlaps my ABS/TPU materials? See attached photos
  8. Thank you Sanderv, I was able to align my printer with your help! You're awesome!
  9. Thank you, I'll try the instructions you provided and get back to you with regards to the fix. Again thank you!
  10. Hi, I'm here because I am desperate, I've had this problem with my S5 sense I purchased it. I would like to correct an issue with the XY calibration, it not printing within the perimeters of the calibration chart. Can anyone "Please" review the attached photo and advise of a process that will help me correct this alignment issue?
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