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  1. Ok, nevermind. I found the solution: Seems the object lost adhesion to the build plate imperceptibly. So everytime the print head went over the object, it was pressed down slightly. The new layer, then, was printed in a deviated angle. Increasing the brim width or printing on a raft, solved this problem.
  2. Hello forum, I have the following issue: Cura does not print support for very small edges (edges without any chamfer). I know there is the option "print thin walls", which helped with this issue for small edges on the build plate, however, I did not find this option for support. Currently I have to work around it by designing all objects with chamfers, where support is needed. This is somewhat laborious. Can anyone help? Kind regards, René
  3. Hey guys, first time in this forum. When I started 3D printing many years ago, I bought the cheapest 3D printer I could find (Geeetech Prusa I3 pro W) and started modifying it. Today, it is still the same printer (I use the same electronics and software) but the frame and many other parts of the printer are completely modified. Currently I am studying and do not have the money to buy one of the nice Cura printers. I found Cura to be the best Slicer software for me so far. However, I am experiencing some compatibility issues once in a while. The trickiest one
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