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  1. sorry about no image....... model is well within the build area, the slicing completes and is ready to save, when i go to check on it then the issues shows the grey image. it does it with everything i try to slice, even ones i have used before. i noticed the issue happening now and again intermittently but then it's all the time now, almost like a glitch, i have updated all my drivers , cleared cache etc.. no difference. https://i.imgur.com/w4udJQ9.jpg
  2. hello, been using cura 4.6.1 for a few months without issue, then the other day the preview stopped working. i slice a model as normal, click preview to check everything is ok and the model disappears apart from a grey image of the model, can't see the lines or supports. it does it on everything i try to slice now. i did not change any settings, any ideas? an example hopefully pictured below
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