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  1. That was it, back to printing now. Thanks so much Gero. (That’s was a fairly obvious change in condition that I missed, the cura upgrade, live and learn).
  2. Ok! Thanks! I’ll revert and try it again. Should I roll back the firmware too?
  3. We have an S5 that’s been having trouble with nozzle 2, PLA. Here’s the lead up. The printer would indicate out of material with plenty left on the spool, turned out to be a clogged nozzle (flow sensor, the little wheel with a Hall effect sensor I assume) not seeing any motion, so thinks the material is out, I assume this is how it works. (Is there a sensor to see that distance between the drive and idler wheel, i.e. if the gap is too small the material is not there?). We cleaned the nozzle and it was fixed for awhile. Then ran into a similar issue but it seemed that the nozzle just wasn
  4. @SandervG, now my prints are making it into the que but just sitting there "Waiting for: First Available": I've attached a screen shot and a log (as well as submitting the log to your above link). Thanks. (I'm not sure where to find "Ultimakersystem[xx].log.gz", I uploaded this file: C:\Users\Stephen Robertson\AppData\Roaming\cura\4.8\cura.log) cura.log
  5. @SandervG, Yes, latest firmware and software. (Although updated since posting this thread). Just a single printer. I know I'm veering from this topic, but today I now cannot print wirelessly at all, either via network or via cloud. The job is "successfully sent" but it never shows up in the queue. I gave up and and I'm printing from a USB drive. This was in the log right after attempting to send a print: Nov 22 17:26:23 ultimakersystem-ccbdd300acf9 flipflop_wsgi.py[9708]: OSError: [Errno 28] No space left on device: '/var/lib/griffin/cluster/analytics_state.json.
  6. We have an S5. It basically holds a wireless connection long enough to get a print started. Any print of any significant length will drop the connection partway through, making any connectivity functionality such as Digital Factory useless. The only way to get the S5 to reconnect is to cycle the power. (the connect button under maintenance/network does nothing). There are many topics/threads on this issue in the community but I see no resolutions.
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