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  1. Thanks Geet but the dimension are way off now. I didn't expect it to change with acetone but it's no issue really, but I need to polish it somehow. Might try a rotary tool.
  2. Hi guys. I have been "polishing" my ABS parts as the face on show is the "bed side". As the project is like a mesh/grill all the bed facing holes come off the bed with the adhesion material blocking them, in use an ABS puck and acetone. So first I use wire wool to clear the holes and then an abrasive rag to smooth the surface the best I can. I tried to use an acetone cold vapour bath this weekend which worked great to give a nice surface but it totally changed the parts dimensions, see attached, it buckled as the shape changed, it should be flat. Obviously this is no good, so does anyone have any good methods to clean up the bed facing side of ABS? Or should I move to hairspray to adhere you think? Cheers!
  3. Thanks guys. I am content with my original part with my settings. But it was just out of interest on the cooling time. We produce 3 distinctly different products and one of them goes from very large to very small at the turn of a layer. This is the part I was looking at layer time on, but I print towers currently and its good. See attached for the part in question. It's either experiment with a layer time or use these "cooling towers", which I know works. Also GR, this is in ABS and I literally couldn't pull it apart with 2 pliers. I'll have to print a bigger tower to get that leverage.
  4. That is incredibly interesting, thanks for that. Id never have looked at it that way and I enjoyed thinking it over!
  5. Out of interest, would just setting a "layer time" with head lift have any benefits over just printing small towers elsewhere on the bed to generate that time? Cheers!
  6. I printed a tower and couldn't physically destroy it... So at this point im very happy, seems I am good for my material now and the results are as good as when I was using PLA only now with the added temperature resistance I need. Thanks for all the help guys.
  7. In my further research, the "internet" suggests the fans won't run unless they are at least 25%. I have mine set to 8% in Cura and 100% on the material profile and they start and run at 8% perfectly fine... 🤷🏼‍♂️ I mean they are moving very slowly, but they are running.
  8. thanks for that Geet, very interesting... In what we are are trying to do, we need to churn out parts quickly and in ABS, and visual quality is mostly secondary in this case. I have had very good results the last 2 days with my revised settings and as we want to print quick 40/45 seemed the obvious way to go on it and frankly the results were almost bang on so im reluctant to change them now. I have just tried to pull one apart and i basically couldnt. Once spare time is available i will do some more testing but im really very happy with where i am at now. Cheers gents.
  9. thanks for the advice! I print at 0.25mm on a 0.8mm nozzle. 40mm/s print speed bed at 100, head at 230. Fan at 10% after initial layer no brim. I was able to remove the brim and still keep it adhered. So far since i went to these it has been absolutely great, practically no warp, bed adhesion is still great. The parts for their intended purpose are rock solid, i cant separate it by hand, although i will print a tower like you advise once this job is off the bed. The fan does indeed spin at 10, see attached. Not sure its actually performing a function, all i know is my print results have improved massively since i changed to the above on eSun ABS. If you say that moving the fan up to 25% might improve thing further im up for it! I'll print the tower as you suggest and report back! See below for video. Fans at 10%
  10. Making major progress here, thanks so much to this brilliant forum and you GR5. I lowered the bed temp from 115 to 100. I use ABS juice to adhere and so far that's holding at that temp. I turned on the fan to 10%. Results speak for themselves, see attached. I have learnt so much these last few days, I'm very thankful. Are there any other suggestions on how to improve? I am ok with what I've got now, but always looking to go a step forward. Still got minor bowing on the sides, but it's not a deal breaker. Nozzle, 0.8mm, temp lowered from 260 to 230. Stopped air/popping issues. Moved Z seam to a stronger section, the rear. Improved on under extrusion immediately after Z move in a weaker area. Retraction on for travels over 40mm, stopped the dropping issue around model. Travel speed up to 250 from 120, improved above and print times. Cura 4.7 master seems to improve on my print quality for reasons unknown, no problem using this version though. Feeder cleaned out, bearings cleaned, rods cleaned and greased, XY oiled. Any further tips, I'm really getting to be happy with abs now! Paul
  11. My bed is at 115 and yes my fan is off completely. What fan speed could you recommend, all my research suggested it to be off so that's what I went with! I'm new to ABS so still a bit green on it. Are we talking like 10% fan and 110° bed? Thanks loads!
  12. Awesome, making real progress here, thanks a bunch! I eliminated the combing like you said by making it retract over 40mm which means it doesn't go spinning all around the model, perfect. I moved the Z seam to be dead centre in the strongest part of the model, that helped loads as well. Looks like this is almost ironed out. The final hurdle is the mid print warp, see attached. The model is well stuck down, enclosure between 35-45°, wall is large by design in total of 5, 0.8mm head, 0.25 later height, with a 15% infill. Still receding in at the middle which is a shame. Any final tips?
  13. no dice im afraid. Although the quality is marginally better. The problem is that travel leaving debris behind. The wall is so thin using a 0.8mm that the debris left buckles the next layer./ See here for a video using 4.7 master and the dropped debris during travel. (upped the travel speed to 250, defiantly helped) And please also see here for the design, at this stage i might just have to design out the thicker sections on both sides at the front so that it doesnt have to travel over there at all to fill and just continues on its wall-laying path, which is a shame to have to do. Bottom image the potential revised design to counteract the above. Video of travel
  14. great, i'll run some tests right now. Thanks for all the help guys, this has been a great help so far. I did try it using only retractions but i was getting a lot of debris at the extrusion areas which didnt help so much. I'll try this Cura version and report back!
  15. Debris left during travel And sadly it's a very thin "wall" it travels around and that kills the next layer.
  16. My travel speed is the default of 120. I'll try upping that. My jerk and accelerations are turned off and my print speed is 40. Yeah it's the travel from one part to the next where it basically goes all around the model and then back again, dropping as it goes on a very thin wall. These drops then make the next layer on top problematic, see attached: Wall issue I have a side by side model from 4.7 and 4.8 with exactly the same settings in PLA and the 4.7 is much nicer. I'm happy to stick with it. It's just the problem above now that I need to look at, either the travel oozing or a better way move that doesn't go all along the model and then back again leaving behind debris. Thanks so much for the help so far!
  17. I cleaned it all up, cleaned out the feeder and ran again. Exact same issue. So just out of interest I put the file into Cura 4.7, instead of 4.8. guess what, the artifacts and blob issue seemed to disappear... It was just on PLA and I left it running when I left work but I didn't see any scars or anything on the print and it was 90% done. So settings were the same, only difference was 4.7 and 4.8... so that's interesting as to what had changed. One problem which is on the model that I noticed is that the travel from one side to the next drops as it goes and leaves hard blobs on the layer which then create issues for the next layer, but that is something I can tune out im sure, see attached. Might not be an issue on soft abs. If anyone has any ideas on how to remove this? I assume it's doing an infill at either side before it does the walls, i could just use retractions over travel but it would likely take forever on the model. But the initial problem of all that crap in the print, I think it's the new version of cura 😔 Please see attached for the movement leaving bits behind and thus the next layer becoming bitty. Video
  18. I guess a decent test would be to try the part again in foolproof PLA, see if it fails at the same point.
  19. Thanks GR. I've actually been printing without a fan at all for the last maybe month in ABS and its been perfectly fine. The model has no overhangs, it's straight up and down as well. It seems that it just gets "bitty" at that layer height. I've ran the model again but I've left it running until I get back in tomorrow. I cleaned the head, the feeder and added weight to the bed, I'll check on results when I get in. I'll print a cube in the morning that is higher than the model to test it, but I've found printing small items in ABS to be difficult unless I add various printed towers around the bed to allow the layer to cool somewhat instead of being instantly printed on. I'll give that a go to check.
  20. Thanks Gert, I'm doing just that right now. I'll report back. One thing I noticed is that the bed doesn't fall under its own weight any more though, so I have added steel bars in the gap under the bed to see if that helps. It's an Ultimaker 2+ extended by the way. Thanks!
  21. I'm going to stick my neck out and say it's the Z bearings. Does anyone know of a UK supplier? I'll add weight to the bed to see how I get on with a print this afternoon. Cheers guys!
  22. Hi guys. I'm getting what I think I'd under extrusion at the same point on the model as attached. One of them was rotated 90 degrees for the second try but still the same issue. It's abs in an enclosure up to 45° so I'm not entirely sure about this, any thoughts or can I tune this out with cura? Cheers!
  23. Cheers Smithy, the update to 3.3 did indeed fix the problem, the custom material now holds after a reboot. Thanks loads!
  24. Is there a change log for firmwares, I can't seem to find any?
  25. Really? Thanks Smithy I'll do that in the morning and fingers crossed! I'll let you know.
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