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  1. Thanks for the response, Do you know any articles or further reading on this topic? I am considering this as a research topic.
  2. Hi @SandervG, Thanks for your reply, I am printing the discs vertically intentionally to check how the layers might have an effect on the air permeability of a print. I have tried printing several discs at once in several locations, with varying distance and angle. I can try changing the bed temperature but it seems to me to be an error occurring at a specific z-height. The print seems to continue fine afterwards (see my second image, the first transparent PETG disc has a bad quality part at a certain height, but after that the print is fine)
  3. Are layer-by-layer 3D printed objects air-tight? I remember seeing some discussion on 3D printing facemasks during the beginning of the pandemic, some of the concern was that the masks would not be airtight. I don't remember seeing a definite conclusion. Is anyone aware of tests or research on 3D printed layer porosity/permeability?
  4. I have a consistent printing issue with my Ultimaker S3. I am printing vertical discs that are 5cm in height. At 4cm, something happens and the print fails. It happens with both PETG, and ABS. I have tried updating the firmware. I added new lubricant to the z-screw and added oil to the smooth bars. I still have this problem. I have added images of the defect below:
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