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  1. Thanks! Yeah I'm not so sure if I could wind the 2 years back that I took me to build this printer that I wouldn't instead just buy an off the shelf printer because wow this thing was a lot of work to get right!
  2. Yeah sure, this is one of the first large prints I did. It's a battery enclosure for my e-bike, it fits 39 18650 lithium-ion cells arranged in a 13S3P configuration. I had some trouble with my T10 (10mm) leadscrews wobbling which lead to the z wobble artifacts you might be able to see in the pictures. I've since upgraded to 12mm ballscrews and they have eliminated that problem.
  3. Hi y'all, I thought some people here might be interested in my latest 3D printer build. Several years a go I built a delta 3D printer that didn't work so well, had lots of slop and wasn't very rigid and had poor print quality. I was determined this time to make a much better printer and I think I did a pretty decent job on it. I made a short YouTube video showing a bit of the build: https://youtu.be/8EfwWAECTHE If you're interested in a more deep dive on how I built it you can find a detailed write-up on my blog: https://www.joshendyblog.net/big-3d-printer-b
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