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  1. Thank you very much. I solved the issue. Cura itself had a glitch. I deleted the entire program restarted the computer and reinstalled it. and all over sudden it worked. I guess for some reason it did not safe any changes to settings i made..... but works like a charm again. just took a lot of my time today
  2. i ask different...... can you send me your profile u used? cause i dont see any of that in my program
  3. which program are you using and between the top layer of the bottom and the blades is there a layer after layer connection?
  4. I'm using cura to slice.... the project is pending AI3M_SpiralWheel45mf.3mf
  5. Hello everyone, maybe I'm to stupid to use it or I have overseen a checkpoint... I got a spiral wheel which I have sliced. The problem I have is stupid. for some odd reasons the slicer adds about 15 extra layers at the bottom between the bottom and the first blades... which leaves me with the bottom --> 15 layers of a circular shell with no blades touching the bottom. Than the printer try's to print the blades (of course 15 layers higher than the outside shell) the blades are extruded into the air..... I have the support structure on, the infill between walls and just about ev
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